You've made the right decision.  Now get the most out of your MBA.

Which program is right for you?  What are the advantages and drawbacks of full-time, part-time and executive programs?  Does brand name matter in choosing a school?  Is going back to school worth the investment in time and money?

Read our commentary on the issues, learn more about the GMAT and become an informed MBA applicant. 

John Evans


Our History

"What a long, strange trip it's been."

In 1995 we worked with our first group of MBA applicants.  They were all admitted to top business  schools.  It wasn't just their essays that made the difference; it was also their application strategies.


Admissions Consulting

MBA Admissions Consulting

For 15 years we've helped our students into the world's most elite MBA schools by advising them on all aspects of the MBA admissions process. Learn more about what we do.  MBA Admissions Consulting

John and Adam

We're writers, editors and teachers.  And, yes, we've taught the GMAT — sometimes privately, sometimes for the national test-prep companies.  So we know your world.  Learn more about who we are.  John & Adam