Sentence Correction is the Easiest Section of the GMAT To Master

I know that some of you don't feel that way. You've been struggling with the grammar for months and can't seem to get the hang of it. I see that a lot. But the truth is that there are only about 25 grammatical errors that appear in sentence correction, and they can all be memorized.

Of course, there are variations on each of those errors, and the test authors do their best to disguise the errors; but still, they can be memorized. And with practice they can be mastered. Sentence correction was the first section I mastered completely. Once you internalize the errors and can spot the variations, this section becomes easy.

But You're a Writer!

Okay, so I had an advantage.

Should I Read Grammar Books or Take an English Class?

No. You'd be wasting your time.

The GMAT tests only a narrow band of English grammar, and nowhere is that specific curriculum assembled in a grammar book.

Favorite Grammatical Error Tested?

Misplaced modifier. Simple; easy to fix; most test takers blow it, so easy to pick up points. Total low-hanging fruit.

Least Favorite GMAT Error Tested

Subjunctive mood of a verb. Stupid thing to test. Important in the Romance languages; not important in the English language. Super not important in business school! Doesn't belong on the GMAT.

Any Study Recommendations?

Yes, focus on sentence correction before critical reasoning or reading comprehension. For most people, it's easier to pick up points there.