How to Get a Masters Degree from Harvard

Hear me out.

You can get a masters degree in management from Harvard University and never have to take the GMAT. The program requires that you have an undergraduate degree, but there is no minimum GPA requirement. And the degree costs a fraction of what you would pay for an MBA at Harvard. Best of all, your admission is guaranteed after you've passes the first three foundational courses in the program.

So What is This Degree?

It's a masters degree in management and it's offered through Harvard's Extension School. The degree is a legitimate masters and even though it's been available for a few years, it seems that few people know about it. I'm familiar with it because (1) duh, and (2) I've sent some of my students through it.

The first student I sent through the program told me about it, not the other way around. She was struggling with the GMAT and she felt that her work experience wasn't very impressive. In short, she was looking at MBA programs that weren't very impressive.

Then she found this Harvard thing. We talked it over and I gave her my blessing to try it. Eighteen months later she was back in L.A. on break and I asked her to give a talk to the class on her experience.

I'm Impressed

Not only was the program as easy to enter as had been advertised, but she had discovered another secret — employees of the university can take the classes for free. So she had gotten a job on campus working in a coffee shop and she was getting her Harvard masters degree for free.

The Details

  1. This is not a certificate program; it's a masters degree.
  2. It's a part-time program, so you can keep your job.
  3. You take the classes remotely over the Internet (with minor exceptions).
  4. The entire masters degree costs only about $30,000.
  5. You continue to earn a living thoughout the program.

What I Would Do If It Were Me?

If I were facing a choice between getting an MBA from a no-name school and getting a masters degree in management from Harvard Extension, I'd take the Harvard deal without hesitation. I know that I would be able to convert that Harvard brand equity into some valuable job opportunities.

What would it say on my resume when it came time to job shop? "Master of Management, Harvard University, 2018" That's the way this degree is described by the program's graduates. (I looked up their LinkedIn profiles.)

If the choice is between a masters degree in management from Harvard Extension and an MBA from the University of Bumfuck, I'm going with Harvard. No employer would ever bother figuring out the distinction, and even if he did, the degree comes from the Harvard School of Liberal Arts. It doesn't say "Extension School."

Let's Lay Out the Options

If you're admitted to a top-tier or even a second-tier MBA school, get the MBA. Pay the price, assume the debt and reap the rewards. But if you're truly struggling to get into a decent program, consider this Harvard option. For some, it's an amazing opportunity that few people are even aware of.

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