When you were in grammar school, we were pioneering MBA admissions consulting as a professional service. At the time, the only person in the country helping MBA applicants in any organized manner was a woman in Minnesota, whose name I forget. She did seminars for groups of employees at companies, but she wasn't a writer and she offered no hands-on essay development service.

By contrast, the three of us who developed MBA Applicant™ (Charles, Kerith and Adam) were teachers helping students master the GMAT exam at the Princeton Review office in Los Angeles. But we were also writers and professional editors, so after spending months getting our students over the GMAT hurdle, we naturally wanted to see what they were writing in their applications.

It wasn't pretty.

Our students were exceptionally bright and—with a little help—they had mastered the GMAT exam. Their academic credentials were strong, and most had made significant progress in their careers. But none of them wrote for a living, and it showed.

They clearly didn't know how to compose an impactful personal narrative. Storylines were fractured, the voicing was all wrong, and even their writing fundamentals were often subpar.

But the biggest problem was their content. Students were writing about the wrong things. They didn't understand how MBA student bodies are assembled at leading business schools and, consequently, they wrote essays that ruined their chances of being admitted. Time and again we saw the same mistakes—wrong strategy, wrong content, wrong voice, and wrong career goals.

So that first year we offered to work for free with about a dozen students. Together we developed essays that branded each candidate as an expert in his or her professional field. We highlighted experience that reinforced their brands and made clear how they could contribute valuable insights to class discussions should they be admitted. And perhaps most importantly, we listed post-MBA career goals that were appropriate for each candidate's work experience and played to what we knew to be the job placement needs of admissions officers.

The results? Everyone was admitted to a top-tier school.

Over the years, we've honed our craft and become true experts in pitching applicants to top business schools. We've now been building successful candidacies longer than most MBA admissions officers have been evaluating them, so we're pretty well informed about what makes a great MBA applicant profile.

Our Values

We're teachers. That's our fundamental identity. And we all still teach, either as formal university lecturers or as volunteers with a number of diversity-focused higher ed initiatives that put first-generation students into college. We even have our own nonprofit that works exclusively with teen moms to make sure they complete high school and succeed in college.

We share a passion for education and remain close with hundreds of students in our MBA alumni network, watching as they excel in grad school, grow into their professional careers, and settle down with families.

Our Service

Our product goes beyond your essays. We work on literally everything you submit to every school. From your first resume draft to your last polished essay, we want our hands on every document. We even want to read your recommendations if you can gain access to them. And if you get asked to interview or are placed on a waitlist, we'll prepare you to handle those situations as well.

Our job is to build a brand for your candidacy — a strategy that will help you meet the needs of admissions officers as they work to assemble a class of students with diverse professional backgrounds and personal experiences.

We discover your unique niche through extensive brainstorming sessions and develop it over many essay drafts. That's why completing the application for your first school is often a very demanding process. We spend a great deal of time working through tons of background material to discover valuable experiences that can be used to create a compelling applicant profile.

After 20 years of working with applicants to the most elite business schools, we're comfortable building brands for virtually any candidate. If you have questions about how we work with applicants, feel free to contact Charles at the email address below.



We offer a single, fully comprehensive service. There are no upsells because we already cover everything you submit to every school.

We're confident in our skills. Frankly, we've been putting MBA applicants into top business schools longer than most admissions directors have been evaluating candidates. So we know what we're doing.

There are no restrictions regarding contact with us or on the number of schools you appply to. We typically communicate daily with our students via phone, text and email. And we're not going to be bothered by lots of contact should you feel the need for extra support. As teachers, we're used to that.

Got a Question?

Write to us. We're happy to talk. Email Charles at: